Summit County pioneers: Karl and Jean Knorr

A ranch in the valley of the Lower Blue, halfway between Silverthorne and Kremmling, is perhaps the last place on earth anyone would expect to find a zebra, lion, gazelle or 16-foot, striped blue marlin. Nevertheless, these exotic creatures were gathered in the den of Karl and Jean Knorr’s ranch home as if to share the tales of adventurous travel in faraway lands. The Knorr’s collected a vast number of wild game trophies as testimony to their passion for hunting and fishing and their many trips

Summit County pioneers: Helen Foote

FRISCO — Even with fewer than 70 people once living in Frisco, Laura Helen Foote was always in the heart of the town’s social center. For 53 years, Helen lived at 510 Main St., which over the years has served as the general store, post office, gas station, communication center and meeting house. Born on a farm in the Texas Panhandle, Helen married the neighbor boy, Robert S. Foote in 1941. They moved to California for the majority of World War II while her husband worked for Vultee Aircraft. He

Library earns state award

At the 107th annual Montana Library Association conference held recently in Helena, the Whitefish Community Library received the 2019 Excellent Library Service Award from the Montana State Library Commission. The Whitefish Community Library has received this award for excellence seven years in a row. �This is a collaborative effort between the Whitefish Community Library staff, Trustees and Library Association as we strive to bring excellent library service to our Whitefish community,� said Jo

Creating stories with wings

Venture into the wild world of Shard and other majestic gryphons with Jess E. Owen, author of the Summer King Chronicles, as her mythical creations struggle with power, pride, injustice and a sense of loyalty. For more than 10 years, Owen has invited young adult readers to escape to an imaginary realm in her works of art and fiction where suspense and adventure soar. Growing up as a voracious reader and lover of books, it was only natural that Owen gravitated to a career as a writer and illustr

Author offers encouragement to aspiring writers

Montana author Roland Cheek tells to other aspiring writers, �Read! Read! Always read for enjoyment. You�ll learn by osmosis.� Cheek also admitted, not proudly, that while he failed English when he was in high school, it was reading that saved him. A long-time lover of stories, it was an easy gap for Cheek to bridge from voracious reader to writer. Cheek lightheartedly quipped that his saddlehorn was his writing desk. �I began writing with a pencil stub in a pocket notebook while leading pack


Heat up a sizzling mystery, stir in a couple of strong female characters, add a liberal dash of humor and you have all the ingredients of a Leslie Budewitz novel. Montana author Budewitz creates a fusion of her favorite things — good food, light-hearted mysteries and her love of the Northwest in her two popular book series: the Spice Shop Mysteries, set in Seattle, and the Food Lover’s Village Mysteries, set in northwest Montana...
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