Alison (Grabau) Pomerantz

Alison (Grabau) Pomerantz is a marketing and advertising account executive, writer and middle school English teacher who recently drove 2,000 miles with her two her daughters, two dogs and three cats (minus some sanity) to the academic mecca of Big Blue Country in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Alison’s personal and professional interests are wide ranging, with bachelor degrees in journalism and history and Masters degrees in business administration and education. Author of Summit Pioneers, an historic chronicle of 26 contemporary pioneers of one of Colorado’s most beloved mountain communities, Alison has written for numerous print and online publications in Colorado, Missouri, Massachusetts and Montana. While she excels at in-depth case studies and personal profiles, Alison has written on a wide range of topics, including technology, sports and recreation, parenting, travel and business. She finds refuge in a vigorous run, a good book and an occasional bowl of Captain Crunch. Contact her at